My Role as Chief Product Officer at platform is comprised of four different tools that facilitates the web and processes automation. In this project, I joined the company as the Chief Product Officer to take the responsibility of the product development using the Agile methodology. During my tenure, I managed developers, designers and analysts to develop these four products and connect that to the Amazon Alex app. Please feel free to explore them below.


Products I Developed with Team is platform with very useful capabilities like online document, and matter automation platform with amazing features that will expedite the legal process 10 folds. It has various modules including but not limited to":

  • Secure File Storage

  • Reports

  • Billing & Invoicing

  • Amazon Alexa App

  • Client Portal

  • Workflow Automation

  • Template Library

  • Intelligent Time Tracking


click to enlarge is a revolutionary knowledge management & eDiscovery system
keeps all of your files organized and searchable. I have also recorded a crash course on that shows its amazing capabilities. is an all in one tool to create smart bots that will be trained on Machine learning models. These bots can be used for various tasks and activities.


click to enlarge is one of the few products available today that can automate data collection and document processing tasks.



In this amazing project I had the opportunity to work on many aspects of the project development including the conception, sprint design, feature discovery, feature description, interface design and development, code verification as well as product quality control. During my tenure I worked with various engineers and developers on the features of the products and were able to experience releasing a mature product to mass market.