Control & Instrumentation Lead DCPD Project

Huntsville, Texas, 2017

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DCPD project was one of the most challenging engineering projects I was responsible as Lead Instrumentation engineer to select and size various instruments, final control elements, digital & analog switches as well as designing logic for the programmable logic controller selection. Below I share more details about my role and contribution as the Control Systems Engineer.


Goal of the Project:

Prepare complete instrumentation package and lead the team to successfully deliver the engineering project on budget and on time.
This project includes but not limited to the following :

  • Design of Control System (PLC for 500 I/O)

  • Selection of Motor Control Valves (MOVs)

  • Sizing and procurement of all instruments, sensors, switches etc.


Smart Plant Instrumentation Project Development

In this project I used my management and engineering skills to complete instrumentation package in time. I also did coordinate with Electrical, Process and Project Management departments on a daily basis to ensure that the project will be completed accordingly.


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Designing Control Logic Hardware PLC

At this stage, my colleague and I drafted the main chapters of the training including but not limited to installation, database setup, queries, installing modules, completing administrative activities before jumping on the engineering, calculations and wiring modules.


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Choosing Instruments based on Control Strategy

We prepared the Piping and instrumentation Diagrams that contains the control loops, instruments, control strategies etc to make sure a full cycle project with Smart Plant Instrumentation is possible.


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Producing Instrumentation Engineering Calculations for Reference

I used SPI to handle of the most important engineering activities in control and instrumentation field, instrument sizing. In this course, I used SPI INtools to size a differential pressure transmitter, a control valve, a safety valve and a thermometer - thermowell.


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Procurement of the Instruments and Control Elements

At this stage I followed on the instrumentation wiring and instrumentation profiles by connecting the instruments from junction boxes to PLCs and marshaling cabinets.



This was definitely a very challenging and time consuming project but I had the determination to produce a training course which is easy to follow and yet cover all the requirements of Smart Plant Instrumentation software suite. I took the opportunity to add many of the engineering experiences I encountered in my work specially in instrumentation and control fields are transferred to the training. As of today, thousands of engineers and professionals have accessed the course and I had the great opportunity to connect with brilliant engineers along the way. Below is a short summary of some of the engineers and their experiences about the training. Please click to enlarge the reviews.