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Systems Engineering - MIT School of Engineering

MIT School of Engineering
In Progress - 2019

As a Control Systems Engineer, it is vital that I keep my knowledge up to date with the latest technology advancements. That is why, I registered with the MIT Systems Engineering School to complete a comprehensive engineering training that would enable me to learn from the most accomplished engineering teams in United States including but not limited to NASA, Boeing, Lockheed Martin, US Air Force, Apple, General Electric, & MIT school of engineering.


Data Science Engineering

March 2019

I was always interested in data science and data analysis and I believe it is a great asset to any engineer or manager by which one can analyze the progress of a phenomenon over time and make better decisions. That is why I signed up for this amazing program and currently learning the new skills that includes the following


○ Python Programming: Writing functions, logic, control flow, and building basic applications, as well as common data analysis libraries like NumPy and Pandas

○ SQL programming: Querying databases using joins, aggregations, and subqueries

○ Terminal and version control in Git, and using Github

Probability and Statistics:

○ Descriptive Statistics: Calculating measures of center and spread, estimation distributions

○ Inferential Statistics: Sampling distributions, hypothesis testing

○ Probability: Probability theory, conditional probability


○ Calculus: Maximizing and minimizing algebraic equations

○ Linear Algebra: Matrix manipulation and multiplication

Data wrangling:

○ Accessing database, CSV, and JSON data

○ Data cleaning and transformations using Pandas and Sklearn

Data visualization with matplotlib:

○ Exploratory data analysis and visualization

○ Explanatory data visualizations and dashboards

MS. Electrical Engineering, GPA 3.8

Control Engineering Speciality
California State University, Fullerton , 2015

In my Masters’s degree I had the opportunity to work with amazing professor and engineers and build various interesting projects.

BSc. Control Engineering

Control & Instrumentation Specialty
Shiraz University

I graduated from Shiraz University of Engineering in Control & Instrumentation Major that enabled me to start working in various industries such as automation, control engineering, and project management.