Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit

Designed a Fuzzy Logic Controller for a Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit

Instrument Lead Engineer


Fuzzy Logic Controller Design with Matlab


There are many complex and dynamic processes that are very hard or even impossible for classical control theory to handle. In this project, I took on the challenge to design a Fuzzy Controller using the human expert knowledge and FIS in Matlab that did produce and optimized model and parameter selection for a Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit also known as FCCU that is notorious for complexity. This project went on to be published as a book as well as printed in WCECS, the international conference of control in San Francisco in 2013.


Finding the connection of any parameter and influence on the process

Using a fuzzy logic controller I could identify and show the relationship between any parameter in the process including revenue generating ones that are the focus of every business


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Creating the Membership Points

I interviewed with multiple matter experts on the topic and the FCCU and collected the necessary selection of Rule Base in the Matlab FIS system


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Selecting the Membership Functions

I designed the membership functions and membership plots



At the end of this project I could design a controller that could adapt to the dynamic process of catalytic cracking unit. This controller was free of all the unnecessary complications that come with classical controllers such as overshoot, and delay.