Matlab Programming Training

Matlab Programming Training for Engineers

Matlab Programming is one of the most important technical programming languages as well as engineering skills today. Its widespread use in different industries including but not limited to Electrical, Mechanical, Robotics, Control Engineering has made is a very popular choice for students, engineers and professionals in the field. So much so that Google's former svp/product management Jonathan Rosenberg recognized it as the only skill you need on your resume to be able to work for Google. As control and instrumentation engineer in the field with over 10 years of experience I was fully aware of the importance of this course In this skill, and decided to prepare an easy and comprehensive course on Matlab programming. In 2014, I initiated the project and after 1 year of hard work, I released my course to engineering community. I am proud to see that my Matlab course is the highest rated Matlab programming course in the wold rated by over 12000 engineers.


Goal of the Project:

Create a comprehensive Matlab Programming Course for engineers in Robotics, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Instrumentation and Control.


Challenges :

  • Many training resources in various areas but not sorted

  • Matlab programming could be intimidating for new learners

  • Requires designing many projects to explain various concepts

Achievements :

  • Created the highest rated Matlab programming course online

  • More than 12k engineers have rated my course with AVG of 4.3

  • Produced over 50k in sales and received positive feedback from the community


Matlab Programming Project Development

I initiated the project knowing that I have to design and produce an engineering training manual that is easy to follow and yet is comprehensive enough to address the complex engineering requirement of the community. Knowing that I sent a survey on Linkedin, and emailed my students online to see what are their pain points when it comes to learning Matlab programming and implementing it in their career and engineering projects. Meanwhile, I started reviewing and comparing the existing training manuals and materials online to see what has been covered and what is required to be addressed. To my surprise, I realized there is not a comprehensive Matlab programming training online that teaches engineering concepts through examples and projects. Instead, there were elementary examples that were designed to cover the concepts, and concepts are boring. Therefore, I designed a comprehensive curriculum that covers the basics, concepts and slowly graduated students into more practical examples that they would face in their daily work and projects. The curriculum and the final project is available here.


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Collecting information about the existing resources and community needs

At this stage, I reached out to engineering community to understand their needs and adjust the project accordingly. At first stage, I created a comprehensive cheat sheet to help my students in their learning process.


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Prepared Projects, Coded the examples, and run simulations in Matlab

I started creating engineering projects and designed the Matlab code based on the curriculum I had developed. I made sure the codes cover the vast majority of the engineering needs for Electrical, Mechanical, Control & Instrumentation engineering.


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Executing Project Codes & Recording Videos

At this stage, I started to record videos while teaching the fundamentals of programming and demonstrating the effectiveness of Matlab in engineering and simulation


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Sharing Final products online

I shared my course with the community and asked for feedback. Even to this date, I update and revise the course based on the feedback I receive from my students online.



This project was a great addition to my learning and teaching portfolio as I felt I contributed to the engineering community with something valuable. It is a great sense to wake up and see other people are using your products and they are happy about it.


Project Feedback

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