Oman Project

Oman Tank Automation System

Instrument Lead Engineer


Port Salaleh Tank Gauging System & Tank Automation System


Strategically located on the major East-West Shipping Lane, the Port of Salalah is a major Arab Gulf regional gateway port and transshipment hub on the Arabian Sea. It is viewed as the region's best located port for access the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and East Africa.


Project Site Location

In this project I visited the site location in Salaleh, Oman where my colleagues and I reviewed the project in person and recorded the project requirements to design the instrument and control strategy and complete the procurement package. I was the instrumentation lead engineer and presented my company and department in the Tender and subsequent stages.

Survey Room

Survey Room


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Designing the Control Architecture

I designed the control architecture and the automation strategy for the port to perform loading and unloading


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Designing the Control Strategy and Communication Methods

According to the project requirements and control architecture, I designed the control strategy and communication methods


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Commissioning the Fuel unloading Arms and System

The loading arms were tested and commissioned successfully.



This was a challenging project that I had the chance to work with various engineering and management teams in two countries.