Kinder Morgan

Skid, & PLC Project

Instrument Lead Engineer


Project Summary


In this project I worked on the Fuel transfer and measurement skids that would perform the custody transfer of the fuel to loading trucks through custody transfer skids that are connected to the PLC and SCADA networks.


Motor Control Center

One of the most challenging tasks of this project was the design and provision of indication and control signals from the MCC to the control center where PLC and SCADA systems can act on the signals, and take the right control strategy for the pumps and Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs).

Motor Control Center

Motor Control Center


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Local Start / Stop Motor Stand with PLC Logic

I designed the control strategy for the emergency shut down, local start/stop, feedback loop and notification of the motors to the Remote Terminal Units (RTUs).


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Selecting Control Valves and Final Control Elements

I reviewed the engineering design requirements and contacted various vendors to inquire about the requirements. After I ensured that the product would meet our engineering standards, I prepared the engineering data sheets as well as requisition for purchase and then completed the procurement process for in time delivery.


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Design & Implementation of Feedback Control Loops

I designed the control strategy to make pumps function safely and transfer the medium to the delivery skid. I also ensured the control strategy are implemented successfully in PLC and SCADA for state data monitoring.


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Fuel Terminal Control Design

In this section, I tapped into the analyzers, transmitters and designed the control and monitoring strategy for the fuel transfer.



This project was an amazing opportunity to work in various fields such as control, instrumentation, electrical power, data transfer, programmable logic controllers, setting up RTUs. Fortunately, the coordination with different engineering teams was perfect and we could resolve any problem in shortest amount of time.