Tesoro Refinery Jet Draw Project

Project Description

The Los Angeles Refinery, located near the Los Angeles Harbor, is the largest refinery on the West Coast—operating on approximately 930 acres—and a major producer of clean fuels. At full capacity, it operates at 380,000 barrels per day (bpd). Through a modernization and integration project, the refinery aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 70,000 metric tonnes over the next three years and by 2022 reduce NOx emissions from combustion equipment by 53%.

In this project I was responsible to design, size and calculate the whole unit instruments using Smart Plant Instrumentation INtools. This was challenging project due to fact that every new instrument, designed and selected should be programmed to the existing Distributed Control System (DCS) as well as calibrated for HMI in control room. I performed all the instrument design, sizing and wired them into the DCS network successfully.


Goal of the Project:

Motor Operated Valve - Hossein Tootoonchy Project

Motor Operated Valve

Complete the Instrumentation EPC project using SPI:

  • Selection of Instruments for Jet Draw (PLC for 103 I/O)

  • Selection of Motor Control Valves (MOVs)

  • Sizing & Calculating instrument sizing in SPI

  • Sizing the instrument level controls on Tanks


Smart Plant Instrumentation Project Development

In this project I used my management and engineering skills to complete instrumentation package in time. I also did coordinate with Electrical, Process and Project Management departments on a daily basis to ensure that the project will be completed accordingly.


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Integrating New Instruments in existing DCS system

After completing the instrument selection and sizing, I made sure that the data transfer is synced with the SCADA platform through setting up the PLC I/O setting and timestamps.


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Instrument Wiring using SPI

Completed the Instrument Wiring for newly purchased instruments in Smart Plant Instrumentation SPI (INtools)


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AutoCAD Design of the Off-Spec pump stand

Designed the control stand for the unloading pumps in this project in AutoCAD and ensured full standard compliance with engineering and client’s standards.


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AutoCAD Design for Instrumentation PLC Wiring & Junction Box Connection

I designed the instrumentation junction box and connection the PLC and Marshaling cabinets



This was an interesting project that enabled me to demonstrate my skills in various fields including design, programming, and management. The project was successfully completed and delivered in time to client.